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Scotland’s ageing wind turbines could double in size in ‘green’ energy drive #SCT

National Wind Watch: News Watch - 11 годин 1 хв тому
They are the polarising structures at the heart of the Scottish Government’s plans for a cleaner, greener energy supply. Wind turbines have long attracted controversy in Scotland, with some arguing they are a blight on scenery and tourism as others hail them as a symbol of the country’s progressive outlook on renewables. That argument is now set to intensify as moves are being made to almost double the size of turbines nearing the end of their lifespans, according to a . . .

Bending light around tight corners without backscattering losses

ScienceDaily: Energy Technology News - Пн, 2018-11-19 23:02
Researchers demonstrate a new optical waveguide capable of bending photons around tight corners on a smaller scale than previously possible. The technology is made possible by through photonic crystals using the concept of topological insulators.

Чи вдалося Закарпаттю досягти економії завдяки впровадженню заходів із енергоефективності? (1)

META - Пн, 2018-11-19 19:39
досягнення в умовах євроінтеграції" зібрав сьогодні в Ужгороді експертів галузі, представників органів місцевого самоврядування, депутатів, підприємців, які працюють у напрямі енергозбереження. Кожен із присутніх ділився власним досвідом та напрацюваннями, проблемами та пропозиціями. З вітальним словом до учасників круглого столу виступив...

Turbines may be turfing out peat’s carbon-cutting benefits #SCT

National Wind Watch: News Watch - Пн, 2018-11-19 19:00
Study says wind farms’ peatland foundations are a natural store of carbon – and the structures may be eroding the soil’s role. Supersizing thousands of wind turbines across Scotland’s countryside may not be the most green way to cut global warming because the structures could be cancelling out the carbon-cutting contribution made by the ground underneath them, a government-funded report has warned. The majority of wind farms are on peatland, where weather conditions are typically better for producing maximum green power . . .

PG&E's Wildfire Crisis Could Impact California's Ambitions Clean Energy Targets

California’s ambitious drive to combat climate change may hinge on the fate of its biggest utility owner.

4 Tips to Save Energy (and Money) During Your Winter Travels

Efficiency News - Пн, 2018-11-19 17:22

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the winter holiday season – and hopefully means trips to visit friends, family, and warmer weather. Whatever the occasion, consider these four tips for reducing energy use during your travels:

  1. Check your tire pressure – As temperatures get colder, the pressure of the air in your car tires decreases. In fact, for every ten degree Fahrenheit drop in temperature, tire pressures drop by almost one psi. By ensuring your tires are properly inflated, you can improve your car’s gas mileage by up to 3.3 percent, reducing money spent on fuel and greenhouse gases emitted by your vehicle.
  2. Be a patient driver – It may be tempting to rush to vacation destinations after months of hard work, but it’s still important to practice safe driving. Aggressive driving, such as speeding, rapid acceleration, and hard braking, can lower your highway gas mileage by up to 33 percent. Additionally, for every five miles per hour driven over 50 mph, you pay the equivalent of an additional $0.19 per gallon of gasoline.
  3. Pack light and tight – Efficient packing not only makes for a less cluttered vacation experience, but it can also save you money. Every extra 100 pounds in your car can reduce your miles per gallon by about 1 percent. Additionally, hauling luggage on your roof in a cargo box creates wind resistance and can reduce fuel economy by up to 25 percent. Together, reducing the weight and drag of your luggage can lead to increased efficiency and equivalent gasoline savings of nearly $.50 cents per gallon.
  4. Bring down the hot water heater – Water heating is the second largest home energy expense, accounting for about 18 percent of utility bills. If your vacation takes you away from your home for more than three days, consider lowering your water heater or placing it on ‘vacation’ setting if it has one (but don’t turn it all the way off and risk freezing pipes).

By following these tips, you’ll be able to add “energy cost savings” to the list of things you’re thankful for this holiday season.

Нафтогаз готов профинансировать монетизацию субсидий

НАК "Нафтогаз Украины" готов профинансировать монетизацию субсидий, заявил глава правления НАК "Нафтогаз Украины" Андрей ...

Solar beats wind again in second German tender

Latests news from Windpower Monthly - Пн, 2018-11-19 16:57
GERMANY: Industry associations have called for an end to technology-neutral tenders after, once again, solar projects secured 100% of the capacity when competing against wind.

На Львівщині відбулись Дні зеленої економіки (1)

META - Пн, 2018-11-19 16:47
та відходів електронного та електричного обладнання (ВЕЕО). Серед учасників заходу – представники департаментів екології та природних ресурсів, паливно-енергетичного комплексу та енергозбереження Львівської облдержадміністрації, виробники твердої біомаси, електроенергії та тепла з біомаси, підприємства, які займаються ТПВ, біогазом, агроенергетичні компанії, виробники котлів...

Gravity-Based Energy Storage Hits the Market

Earlier this month, Energy Vault, an Idealab company, announced the commercial availability of its energy storage solution that is based on the principles that underpin traditional gravity-based pumped hydro plants.

Hawaiian Ranch Partnering to Build Microgrid

Parker Ranch, one of the largest cattle operations in the U.S., has award Go Electric with a contract to design and construct a 400-kW microgrid on-site. 

Шахтеры шахты им. Капустина прекратили голодовку

Шахтеры "Лисичанскуголь" шахты им. Капустина прекратили голодовку Горняки шахты им.Капустина ПАО "Лисичанскуголь" после 30 ...

Solar and Wind Now the Cheapest Power Source Says BloombergNEF

Unsubsidised solar and onshore wind are now the cheapest source of new bulk power in all major economies except Japan thanks to falling technology costs.

Украинская ГТС оценивается примерно в $14 млрд - Коболев

Желающих приобрести долю в украинской газотранспортной системе (ГТС), оценочная стоимость которой составляет $14 млрд, среди ...

Cable deals signed for two UK projects

Latests news from Windpower Monthly - Пн, 2018-11-19 14:36
UK: Agreements have been signed for export cable systems at two offshore wind farms off the UK with a combined capacity of more than 2GW.

Electricity subsidies 'in doubt' across EU after ruling

Latests news from Windpower Monthly - Пн, 2018-11-19 14:28
EUROPE: The future of electricity capacity mechanisms across Europe have been put into question after a court ruling led to the suspension of the UK's €6.3bn security of supply energy auction, campaigners said.

WPS ends operations at Kewaunee County wind farm #WI

National Wind Watch: News Watch - Пн, 2018-11-19 14:01
The winds of change are blowing across Kewaunee County. Back in 1999, this farm field in the town of Lincoln, made its mark in the field of renewable energy. “These were the first winds farms east of the Mississippi River so we really broke ground here,” said Mick Sagrillo who has lived in Lincoln for 40 years. He spent his career as a consultant in the field of small wind projects, like he has on his property. What came to . . .

Mayo wind farm project takes on shades of Corrib controversy #IRL

National Wind Watch: News Watch - Пн, 2018-11-19 14:01
When an ESB and Bord na Móna consortium sought approval for a €600 million onshore wind farm in north Mayo, there was a cautiously positive response to a project with far fewer potential risks than the Corrib gas refinery. But a recent series of protests by a small number of people living close to the site at Bellacorick has highlighted wider concerns about the developers’ approach. “North Mayo has learned the meaning of community – through the gas – but . . .

Another proposed expansion to Moray wind farm could be ‘nail in coffin’ for tourism firms #SCT

National Wind Watch: News Watch - Пн, 2018-11-19 14:01
A second proposed extension of one of Moray’s largest wind farms has been described as a “nail in the coffin” for the region’s tourist industry. Initial plans have been lodged with the Scottish Government to expand the Berry Burn development south of Forres. The wind farm is already one of the biggest in the area, with 29 turbines – each about 325ft tall. They already dominate the landscape, some seven miles from the town, but now developers Statkraft and Airvolution . . .

Montana wind farm exempted from frequency response rule #MT

National Wind Watch: News Watch - Пн, 2018-11-19 14:01
FERC ruled last week that an existing Montana wind farm awaiting a new interconnection is exempt from a recent commission order requiring all new generators to be capable of providing primary frequency response. The commission’s Nov. 15 ruling said Order 842 does not apply to NaturEner’s Glacier Wind Farm II, which has been in the queue for Enbridge’s Montana-Alberta Tie-Line (MATL) since 2013 and currently the only resource to request to join the 214-mile, 230-kV AC line extending from Lethbridge, . . .
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