The primary law making body is the Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada). The power to make laws can be delegated to lower governments or specific organs of the State, but only for a prescribed purpose. In recent years, it has become common for the legislature to create "framework laws" and delegate the creation of detailed rules to ministers or lower governments (e.g. a province or municipality).

In the sphere of energy efficiency and renewable energy act more than 200 documents, among them more than 10 laws of Ukraine, about 15 decrees of the President of Ukraine, more than 120 resolutions of the Government of Ukraine and other by-laws.

Below are links to the key regulations in the sphere of “green energy”.

Main laws, which regulate relationships in the sphere of energy efficiency:

  1. «On energy saving, 01.07.1994, №74/94 –ВР»;
  2. «On electricity, 16.10.1997, №575/97-ВР»;
  3. Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences, 07.12.1984 №8073-X (art.98-103) «;
  4. «On alternative types of fuels, 14.01.2000, №1391-XIV»;
  5. «On alternative sources of energy, 20.02.2003, №555-IV»;
  6. «On combined generation of heat and electric power (cogeneration) and use of waste potential, 05.04.2005, №2509-IV»;
  7. «On taxation of enterprise profit, 28.12.1994, №334/94-ВР (art.7)»;
  8. «On value added tax, 03.04.1997, №168/97-ВР (art. 5)»;
  9. «On unified customs tariff, 05.02.1992, № 2097-XII (art.19)»;
  10. «On gas (methane) from coal mines, 21.05.2009, № 1392-VI»

According to the mentioned laws more than 150 by-laws were adopted. Besides Decrees of the President of Ukraine:

  1. On decision of Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine from 9th of December 2005 “On condition of energy safety of Ukraine and basic principles of state policy in the sphere of its ensuring” from 27.12.2005  № 1863/2005.
  2. On creation of National Agency of Ukraine on Ensuring of efficient Use of Energy Resources Management from 31st of December 2005 №1900
  3. On instant measures on ensuring of efficient use of fuel energy resources from 2nd of February 2008 №174
  4. On decision of Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine from 30 of May 2008 “On state of realization of state policy on ensuring efficient use of fuel energy resources” from 28.07.2008 № 679/2008
  5. On decision of Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine from 10 of February 2009 “On instant measures on ensuring of energy safety of Ukraine from 11.02.2009 № 82/2009

Government decisions

  1. On order of normalization of specific energy consumption of fuel energy resources in social production from 15.07.1997 № 786
  2. On State expertise for energy conservation from 15.07.1998 № 1094
  3. Issues of State Inspection for Energy Conservation from 29.06.2000 № 1039
  4. On order of certificate issue on fuel appliance to alternative type of fuel from 05.10.2004 № 1307
  5. Issues of National Agency of Ukraine on Ensuring of Efficient Use of Energy Recourses Management from 03.04.2006 № 412
  6. On approval of Order of qualification of cogeneration unit from 29.11.2006 № 1670
  7. Issues of import of energy saving materials, equipment, facilities and constituent parts to the customs territory of Ukraine from 14.05.2008 №444
  8. On organization of state control of efficient (rational) use of fuel and energy resources from 22.10.2008 №935
  9. On approval of priority directions of activity in the field of energy efficiency and energy saving for 2008 – 2009 from 16.10.2008 №1334-р
  10. On programs of increasing of energy efficiency and decreasing of energy resources consumption from 17.12.2008 №1567-р
  11. On activities on heat supply system’s modernization from 20.05.2009 №682
  12. Some issues of further development of wind energy from 08.07.2009 №705
  13. On activities about decreasing of volumes of energy resources consumption in public sector from 28.04.2009 №466-р
  14. Issues of heat pumps installation from 20.05.2009 №609-р

Basic regulations of SEIA (only Ukrainian versions are available):

Green tariffs and licensing from the NERC (only Ukrainian versions are available):