Commercial Banks

Сommercial banks in Ukraine provide financial products to individual and business clients (project sponsors), which can be used for financing of green energy projects.   Some banks offer on-lending to their clients under credit line facilities provided by IFIs.  Many banks have the ability to develop customized products and services to meet client’s specific needs.

Below are links to commercial banks in Ukraine (use a filter to search banks by name and location):

List of commercial banks

Organisation Name Website Address Organisation Location
A-Bank Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Agrokombank Kyiv, Ukraine
Aktiv-Bank ltd. Kyiv, Ukraine
Aktiv-Bank ltd. Kyiv, Ukraine
Alfa Bank Kyiv, Ukraine
Allonge Kyiv, Ukraine
Arkada Kyiv, Ukraine
ARMA Commercial Bank ltd Kyiv, Ukraine
Asvio Bank Chernigiv, Ukraine
Aval Kremenchuk, Ukraine
Avtokrazbank JSC Kremenchuk, Ukraine
AvtoZAZbank JSC Zaporozhe, Ukraine
Bank Capital Donetsk, Ukraine
Bank Clearing House Kyiv, Ukraine
Bank Familny Donetsk, Ukraine
Bank Financial Initiative Kyiv, Ukraine
Bank for Investments and Savings Philadelphia, USA
Bank Forum Kyiv, Ukraine
Bank Kiev Kyiv, Ukraine
Bank Kontrakt Kyiv, Ukraine
Bank Lviv Lviv, Ukraine
Bank Merkuriy Kharkov, Ukraine
Bank Narodniy Capital Kyiv, Ukraine
Bank of Regional Development Kyiv, Ukraine
Bank Petrocommerce Ukraine JSC Kyiv, Ukraine
Bank Prestige Kyiv, Ukraine
Bank Renaissance Credit Kyiv, Ukraine
Bank Ukrainian Capital Kyiv, Ukraine
Bazis JSC Bank Kharkov, Ukraine
BM Bank Kyiv, Ukraine